Selected Works 

A transdisciplinary visual artist, designer, researcher + professor

yolk is the founder of an independent artists’ book bindery,
T H U N G R Y based in Chicago, IL 

T H U N G R Y currently operates as a design house + publishing initiative complicating book semantics through experimentation, queering, + praxis.


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Stencil Book

    Structured as an activity book– the user is instructed to trace the shapes onto the paper within the book, creating a composition of their choosing. Then, referencing a key detailing the name of each shape, the user would “read” their composition(s) depending on how the shapes were laid out on the page. This was an attempt at investigating visual literacy and how artists’ can contrive their own languages in collaboration with the viewer.

   laser cut acrylic, zinc-plated bolts + nuts, Neenah cover + text paper
   5” x 9” x 0.5”